Guaranteed Authentic 原裝行貨保證

We are so glad you found us! Aloha Beauty Shop is proud to be Authorized Eminence Hong Kong Online Shop. We strive to provide the best quality organic skincare in town, all our products are imported by Eminence's authorized distributor in Hong Kong. Clear company labelings and expiry date can be found on each product to ensure the freshness and quality of the products. 


Shopping at Aloha Beauty Shop, you not only get the promise of product quality, our dedicated team is here to provide extraordinary pre- and post-sales customer support. Our professional, reliable and highly responsive customer service team has earned many of our customers' trusts! 


We would also like to take this opportunity to educate our customers the difference between Genuine Products and Authentic Products. Genuine products simply mean that the products are not fake products, however, that does not indicate that the products are imported through authorized channels, meaning they are unauthorized products. Please read the below authenticity statement written by Eminence Organic Skincare to learn about the risk of purchasing from unauthorized retailers.


"By purchasing from unauthorized retailers you may put yourself at risk of the following:

  • Purchasing imitation, expired, or damaged products
  • Not receiving the products you purchased
  • Receiving products that cannot be returned
  • Paying more for your products due to shipping fees, custom duties, and other taxes
  • Receiving poor advice on the proper use of the product you’ve purchased.  Many of our products are intended for professional use only and should be used only by a trained esthetician.
  • Purchasing products that are not suitable for your skin type"

很高興您能找到我們!Aloha Beauty Shop以成為認可Eminence(源美肌)香港網上專門店感自豪。我們致力提供最優質的有機護膚品,店內所有貨品皆由認可代理商進口到香港。每件產品上都貼有代理商貼紙和有效日期,保證產品新鮮和優質。


在Aloha Beauty Shop購物,您不但得到產品質素的承諾,我們盡心的團隊亦隨時為您提供優越的售前及售後客戶支援服務。我們專業、可靠和高效率的客戶服務團隊已獲取很多顧客的信任!


我們亦希望在這個機會講解一下「正貨」「行貨」的分別。常見的「正貨」標籤只表示產品不是假冒,但不代表這些產品是經認可途徑進口,所以產品可能是俗稱的「水貨」。Eminence Organic Skincare在網站寫的行貨聲明解釋了購買非行貨產品存在的風險:


" 經非認可商店購買產品您可能面對以下風險:

  • 買到假冒、過期或損壞的產品
  • 不能收到您購買的產品
  • 不能退回您購買的產品
  • 因運費、關費或其他稅收令您要付更多金錢
  • 得到錯誤的產品推介及使用說明。我們很多產品都是設計給美容院使用和只讓經訓練的美容師使用。
  • 購買了不適合您皮膚性質的產品 "

*** 部份產品實物圖可以在產品頁面看到 ***

Authentic Products