Our Story 我們的故事

Aloha Beauty Shop (ABS) was opened in 2015. Shop owner is a young woman who has lived and fallen in love with Hawaii. Embracing the nature as well as having a high standard for what to put on her skin, she has found her “Holy Grail” skin care products when she first tried Eminence Organics in 2004. Opening Aloha Beauty Shop that is dedicated to selling Eminence Organics Skincare has never been more exciting for the owner herself as well as for those who love organic skincare that gives results!


Aloha Beauty Shop is proud to be Authorized Eminence Hong Kong Online Shop. We strive to provide the best quality organic skincare in town, all our products are imported by Eminence's authorized distributor in Hong Kong. Clear company labelings and expiry date can be found on each product to ensure the freshness and quality of the products.


Shopping at ABS, you not only get the promise of product quality, our dedicated team is here to provide extraordinary pre- and post-sales customer support. Our professional, reliable and highly responsive customer service team has earned many of our customers' trusts!


Aloha Beauty Shop (ABS) 開業於2015年。店主多年前在夏威夷居住而愛上了當地,崇尚大自然和本身對護膚品有高要求的她,在2004年用過Eminence有機護膚品後終於找到她的完美護膚品牌。作為Eminence的專門店,Aloha Beauty Shop的開幕是一件令店主和一眾熱愛有效有機護膚品的人無比興奮的事!


Aloha Beauty Shop以成為認可Eminence(源美肌)香港網上專門店感自豪。我們致力提供最優質的有機護膚品,店內所有貨品皆由認可代理商進口到香港。每件產品上都貼有代理商貼紙和有效日期,保證產品新鮮和優質。